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XPT-PRO Self Spotting Power Cage

MSRP: $5,299.00

The TuffStuff XPT Training System (XPT-051C) is the fitness industry’s first and only “self-spotting, free-weight training system” allowing vertical, horizontal, diagonal, lateral and rotational bar movement.

The XPT-PRO is the safest, most effective training tool for building explosive strength and speed.  No other power cage includes a free-form barbell with a “Quad-Lock” braking system.  With the XPT-PRO, users can perform conventional lifts, Olympic lifts, traditional and functional movements, and explosive / competitive movements to bridge the gap between the weight room and in-game performance.

  • Omni-directional barbell system allows rotational bar movement
  • Built-in counter balanced system with 35 lbs. barbell
  • Self-spotting patented “Quad Lock Braking System” allows safe free weight training
  • Provides 31 bar positions to accommodate any start (or finish) height
  • Cross-beam safety stopper with ratchet-style catches allows easy adjustments
  • Maximum weight load capacity 600 lbs.
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar on front cross-member
  • 3 lower band pegs on each side of base frame for strength band resistance training
  • Horizontally adjustable handles to accommodate various grip positions
  • You choose frame colors (7 options available)
  • 10 year structural warranty for commercial use



The TuffStuff XPT-PRO Self Spotting Power Cage (XPT-051C) enables users to perform conventional lifts, Olympic lifts and explosive, competitive movements to develop the highest levels of speed and power.  The XPT-PRO was designed and developed in collaboration by Brady Poppinga (NFL Veteran & 2010 Super Bowl Champion) and TuffStuff Fitness International.  With unlimited barbell motion, the XPT-PRO eliminates the need to purchase expensive bumper plates for explosive training.

What is the difference between a conventional Smith Machine and the XPT-PRO Omni-directional guided barbell system?

When it comes to self-spotting free weight machines, everyone is familiar with the tried and true Smith machine.  A Smith machine consists of a barbell that travels on a fixed plane of motion up and down steel rails, allowing only vertical movement at 90 degrees (or just slightly angled from completely vertical).  The bar on a traditional Smith machine is permanently mounted horizontally so that balance or stabilization of the loaded bar is not factored into the exercise.

The XPT-PRO starts with the basic concept of a self-spotting Smith machine, but then explodes past it in all other ways, quite literally.  While a Smith machine is locked into one vertical plane of movement, the XPT-PRO is completely free-form, or “3-D” in its movement.  Free-form movement allows the bar to not only move upward and downward, but also forward and backward as well.   Since each side of the bar works independently on its own freely moving carriage, the XPT Training System allows a much more authentic lifting experience.  As both the balance and stability of the bar are factored into the functional movement being performed.


TuffStuff XPT Training System in Use



  • Primary: Upright posts, top and bottom side frame supports
  • The XPT-PRO comes standard in Platinum Sparkle – available for immediate shipping
  • All other color options are available at no additional charge, but additional lead time will apply for repainting
  • Secondary: Top and bottom cross-members, spotter bars, top pulley brackets – Available in MATTE BLACK ONLY

TuffStuff XPT Training System - Frame Colors




Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of premium strength equipment.

Over the last five decades, TuffStuff has manufactured the highest quality strength equipment and set the industry standards against which all other equipment is measured.  TuffStuff’s craftsmanship is recognized worldwide, and their products are sold across the United States, Canada, Mexico and in more than thirty other countries.

Today TuffStuff is the only fitness company in the United States with a full-service manufacturing facility, capable of producing every product they sell.  Every design and engineering process begins in Chino, California – from concepts to prototypes, testings and design refinements.  As a result, TuffStuff has greater flexibility to customize products, faster turn around times, and maintains a higher level of quality control than competitors.

TuffStuff’s commercial strength equipment is built to exacting standards, with full commercial-grade components including 7 and 11-gauge tubular steel, inert-gas MIG welded construction, and certified USA-made cables.  Whether you are looking to outfit the world’s finest health club, or you just need a single equipment station that will stand the test of time, with TuffStuff you will receive unmatched product quality and exceptional support.

Additional information

Weight725 lbs
Dimensions67 × 98 × 103 in
Commercial Warranty


TEN (10) YEARS: Structural frame (coating excluded) and welds.

ONE (1) YEAR: Safety Lock components & locking pins and Quad Lock brakes components (excluding cables); Locking-pin cables, release handle cables and counter-balanced cables.

All other parts not mentioned, one (1) year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser (applies only to defects from manufacturer).

6 MONTHS: Finish (applies only to defects from manufacturer).


3”x3” 7-gauge and 2”x3” 11-gauge tubular steel construction. Deep penetrating electrically welded high strength frames. All frames are designed to anchor to floor.

Max Load

600 lbs. (including bar weight).


The XPT Training System includes a powder coat finish, baked to insure durability, available for immediate shipping in standard Platinum Sparkle. Seven (7) primary color options available for no additional charge.

Bar Range

Vertical bar range: 78" bar travel (95" highest & 17" lowest).

Horizontal bar range: 20"

Lateral bar range: 3"

Bar rotational range: 270 degrees.

Inside grip width: 51"

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