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Pro-XL Super Rack

MSRP: $4,199.00

TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Super Rack (PXLS-7950) features a combination of Power Rack and Half Rack, enabling two users to exercise simultaneously.  Full commercial quality, the Super Rack is designed and manufactured in Chino, California, USA.  Crafted from quality 7 and 11-gauge steel with a space-saving design, the Super rack features adjustable Swing-Lock™ stainless steel bar catches and full length, reinforced Lever Lock™ safety rails rated to 9­­00 lbs.

  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Combines both a Half Rack and Power Rack
  • 7° slant on half rack ensures safe and natural racking position
  • Compact design leaves more room for other equipment
  • Adjustable Swing-Lock™ stainless steel barbell catches
  • Dual 2” fat bar frame connectors as pull-up stations and structural stability
  • (4) Pull-up stations for wide, narrow, reverse and neutral grip
  • Suspension loops and resistance band pegs
  • Adjustable full length Lever Lock™ Safety Rails (rated to 900 lbs. weight capacity)
  • Built-in Olympic bar (2) and weight plate storage
  • Custom color options available
  • Full Commercial Warranty



Spec Sheet - TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Super Rack (PXLS-7950)

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TuffStuff’s PRO-XL Super Rack (PXLS-7950) redefines American-made quality, with premium 7 and 11-gauge steel, crafted in Chino, California.

The Super Rack includes built-in safeguards, including full length safety rails, to assist you while moving heavy weight in a precise range of motion.  On the half rack side, integrated J-hook design barbell catches (Patent Pending) enable quick adjustments to the 1” solid steel Swing Lock™ bar catches.

Perform numerous leg and back exercises through compound lifts like squats, good mornings, shrugs, and partial deadlifts.  Or add TuffStuff’s Self-Aligning Adjustable Bench (PXLS-7901) to do bench presses, incline presses, seated overhead presses, and many more.  With 3 separate pull-up stations, integrated suspension loops and band pegs, the Pro-XL Super Rack is designed to satisfy the evolving needs of the modern athlete.

*Olympic bar, weight plates, and spring clip collars are not included.

Also see Pro-XL Half Rack, Dual Rack and  Power Rack



TuffStuff PRO-XL Rack Finish Colors

Custom two tone finish offers choice of six primary colors: (1) Matte Black (2) Platinum Sparkle (3) Sky White (4) Twilight Blue (5) Charcoal Texture (6) Wrinkle Black

Custom colors are available for PRO-XL Super Racks – inquire with your sales representative or call TuffStuff at (909) 629-1600



  • Self-Aligning Adjustable Bench (PXLS-7901) 
    • Custom designed for use with PXLS-7910, 7920, 7930, and 7950 cage models
    • Back support adjusts from flat to 85 degree upright
    • Built-in handle and wheels for easy roll-away option
    • For use with or without platform
    • Specify frame color and upholstery color when ordering
    • MSRP: $919.00
  • Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack (PXLS-7994)
    • Stores most size Olympic plates or bumper plates
    • Built-in wheels for easy roll away
    • Wrinkle Black standard frame color
    • Plates sold separately
    • MSRP: $309.00
  • Spotter Platforms (PXLS-7996)
    • Heavy duty platform provides optimum strength and durability
    • Easily inserted to base frame uprights
    • MSRP: $229.00
  • Dual Bar Catches (PXLS-7999)
  • Landmine (PXLS-7997)
    • Heavy duty rotating holder for use with Olympic bar
    • Built-in magnetic holder to store landmine against cage frame
    • MSRP: $149.00
  • Dip Attachment (PXLS-7998)
  • Olympic Platforms (All Rubber)
    • Olympic platform with inset (PXLS-7911 MSRP: $1189.00) & (PXLS-7912 MSRP: $1229.00)
    • Olympic platform free standing (PXLS-7913) MSRP: $999.00
  •  Olympic Platforms (Oak Center)
    • Olympic platform with inset (PXLS-7914 MSRP: $1799.00) & (PXLS-7915 MSRP: $1999.00)
    • Olympic platform free standing (PXLS-7916) MSRP: $1399.00

      Customize your Olympic Platform with your own logo. Please inquire with your sales representative for logo set-up fee and any additional charges.



Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of premium strength equipment.

Over the last five decades, TuffStuff has manufactured the highest quality strength equipment and set the industry standards against which all other equipment is measured.  TuffStuff’s craftsmanship is recognized worldwide, and their products are sold across the United States, Canada, Mexico and in more than thirty other countries.

Today TuffStuff is the only fitness company in the United States with a full-service manufacturing facility, capable of producing every product they sell.  Every design and engineering process begins in Chino, California – from concepts to prototypes, testings and design refinements.  As a result, TuffStuff has greater flexibility to customize products, faster turn around times, and maintains a higher level of quality control than competitors.

TuffStuff’s commercial strength equipment is built to exacting standards, with full commercial-grade components including 7 and 11-gauge tubular steel, inert-gas MIG welded construction, and certified USA-made cables.  Whether you are looking to outfit the world’s finest health club, or you just need a single equipment station that will stand the test of time, with TuffStuff you will receive unmatched product quality and exceptional support.

Additional information

Weight860 lbs
Dimensions97 × 65 × 97 in
Commercial Warranty


10 YEARS: Structural frame (coating excluded) and welds.

1 YEAR: Pull-pin components and platform/inset (surface finish excluded).

90 DAYS: Platform surface finish, custom platform logo and rubber mat (applies only to defects from manufacturer only).

ALL OTHER PARTS not mentioned, one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.


3”x3” 7-gauge and 2”x3” 11-gauge tubular steel construction. All frames designed to anchor to floor. 3/8” and 1/2” grade 5 & 8 frame bolts used for optimum strength and durability.


Powder coat finish baked to insure durability. Choice of six primary colors: (1) Matte Black (2) Platinum Sparkle (3) SkyWhite (4) Twilight Blue (5) CharcoalTexture (6) Wrinkle Black

Custom colors are available – inquire with your sales representative or call TuffStuff at (909) 629-1600


Deep penetrating electrically welded high strength frames. Durable-welded knurled zinc plated multi-grip pull-up station.


Heavy duty weight horns provide ample room to store weight plates of all sizes. Storage hooks, suspension loops and power band pegs offered as standard features.

Bar Catches

Integrated J-hook design (Patent Pending) featuring 1” solid steel Swing Lock™ bar catches.

Safety Rails

Full length, reinforced Lever Lock™ safety rails rated to 9­­00 lbs. 3/4” spring loaded Lever-lock™ pull pins (Patent Pending) on Safety Rails load rated at over 15,000 lbs.

Optional Platforms

Multiple-layer design, 2” thick platform and inset available with 3/4” solid oak hardwood center or all rubber. Available for all PRO-XL models.

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